Arthur M. Blank and Mercedes-Benz Stadium Development

Arthur M. Blank was the first recipient of the Green Sports Alliance Community Champion Award. The Community Champion Award recognizes an individual for their work and dedication towards creating healthier communities where we live and play. Recipients are local to the region where the Summit is being hosted — for 2018, Atlanta, Georgia.

This year’s award is generously sponsored by NatureWorks, who helped develop the concept for this inaugural award — recognizing outstanding community members.

This year, Mr. Blank was honored for his inspiring work in the Atlanta community, focused on sustainability and the local environment with the building, development, and operation of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. With the construction of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Mr. Blank set out to create a venue that would not only be an architectural marvel for the city of Atlanta but would also serve as a catalyst for positive transformation and connection to the community. Through thoughtful design and long-term, meaningful community investments, Mr. Blank and Mercedes-Benz Stadium ensured the larger development would promote a healthy community. Atlanta residents can walk and take public transportation easily and safely through increased connectivity and new walking and biking paths, and the environmental impact of the development is minimized by incorporating greenspaces, an advanced stormwater management system, and an urban garden is in development which will engage local residents.

Video courtesy of AMB Sports & Enetertainment.