IDSDP 2019: SDA Tanzania

From Mtwara, Tanzania

Our main goal is to use sport as a tool to educate and empower. We think through sports we can make an impact to the community and make changes for better and healthier life. Through sport we can also promote gender equality and peace.

In our hearts there is a big place for those with disabilities. That’s why we want to increase the interaction between different groups. Our mission is to add integration between society and people with disabilities, non-educated women and young girls. And by that we are also trying to distribute human rights.

Because of those reasons we think that the 6 of April is really important day to make sure more people could see the power of sports.

As we mentioned above, sports can impact many of the SDGs. All of the goals are important, and in our society we believe that through sports we can promote almost all of them. The clearest goal sport is contributing is of course good health and well-being, but that’s not all. For example there is lots of studies that sports can promote learning. And with sports you are also interacting with other people, so you are fostering partnerships, gender equality and peace. By doing outdoor activities you also understand nature and climate better and for that you can start doing more climate actions, try to provide life below water and life on the land. Those are just few examples, which are proving that sports are powerful tool to build our world a better place.