2019 Summit Innovator of the Year Award Winner – Banff Marathon

The Environmental Innovators of the Year awards are given to both individuals and organizations for their tremendous work in the sports greening movement.

The Banff Marathon takes place annually in beautiful Banff National Park where it hosts more than 10,000 participants and guests from 25 countries over a series of activities spanning three days. Since the inaugural event in 2014, in partnership with SustainDriven, the Banff Marathon has continuously sought to decrease the environmental footprint and mitigate the environmental impacts of the event. The 2018 event implemented and managed 10 successful green strategies which will also be used during the 2019 event. Strategies include: waste diversion from landfill (achieved an incredible 100% in 2018 – no waste was sent to landfill!); carbon neutrality; green energy; sustainable purchasing and procurement; education and engagement of participants, sponsors, volunteers, staff, media, and community members; environmental and wildlife mitigation; utilizing a ‘virtual’ event bag; using bio-digestible water cups; and featuring a ‘Sustainability Village’ to further educate participants, guests, and vendors.