2019 Summit Innovator of the Year Award Winner – Pocono Organics

The Environmental Innovators of the Year awards are given to both individuals and organizations for their tremendous work in the sports greening movement.

Pocono Organics is a 90-acre regenerative organic farm located in Long Pond, PA growing a number of regenerative organic crops including fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, potatoes, and greens both in the field and in its greenhouses. At full build-out, the greenhouses will be 120,000 ft2 with 35-ft tall peaks, making it the largest regenerative organic farm in North America. The farm will draw power from the 25-acre 3MW solar farm that also powers its sister company, Pocono Raceway. Pocono Organics has developed the first-ever “Farm-to-Track” program with Pocono Raceway. The raceway diverts 75% of event-weekend waste and will send its compostable waste to the farm. The farm uses the compost to grow organic foods, which in turn will be served at the raceway. Rodale Institute, the global leaders in regenerative organic agriculture research, will manage the farming and soil practices with Pocono Organics as well as run research trials at the farm.