Innovate News: #PartoftheSolution #WhatsYourLegacy? #MadeToPlay #Nike Our COVI…

Innovate News:

#PartoftheSolution #WhatsYourLegacy? #MadeToPlay #Nike

Our COVID-19 response partnership with Nike has provided essential funding to community-based organizations to distribute vital goods to the community while building a long-term educational pathway for youth. For example:

In Indonesia Uni Papua FC are distributing rice and masks to at-risk families while providing football-based educational sessions about preventing the spread of COVID-19.

In Philippines @fundlifeint are distributing food and female hygiene packs while designing safe play-based educational sessions which will focus on mental-well being of youth when restrictions allow.

In Colombia @ninassinmiedo are distributing hygiene items and antibacterial gel while delivering educational sessions to girls focused on how to support each other during lock down.

In India @slumsoccer are providing ration and hygiene kit to 40 underserved families in Nagpur while delivering their ‘Be Careful, Not Fearful’ play-based program which teach youth about issues such as social distancing, hand-washing, and fact-based decision-making.