Impact News #CACTogether #PartOfTheSolution 1) Our partners @naz_foundation un…

Impact News

#CACTogether #PartOfTheSolution

1) Our partners @naz_foundation understand the importance of discussing topics like menstruation during this challenging time. Through their amazing at home fitness series they are able to discuss menstruation while encouraging healthy living. Check out their video here

2) The CAC Together team had a wonderful and emotional call with partners @aneraorg in Lebanon. We are designing and delivering an online training for key responders so that PurposefulPlay can be part of the healing process in Beirut.

3) Our partners @green_kenya2 , are using sport for development and community impact during this unique time. Through collaborative efforts they are working on creating accessible content for children across Kenya, as well as raising money for their “Little by little Campaign” running from Sept 14th-18th. Each Donation will be matched by 50%, showing a little can go a long way. Check out their latest newsletter for more information.