We’re excited to partner with #Rexona (also known as #Sure, #Degree or #Shield d…

We’re excited to partner with #Rexona (also known as #Sure, #Degree or #Shield depending on where you are in the world) on the new Breaking Limits Programme. Alongside local sport for development organisations around the world, the programme aims to to empower millions of young people across the world with the confidence and opportunity to move more, because “everyone should experience the physical, mental and social benefits that movement brings!”

“Beyond Sport is delighted to partner with Rexona on the Breaking Limits Programme. Through our work, we’ve been honoured to engage with coaches, community leaders and organisations across the world who are truly breaking the limits of what is possible through sport. We are pleased to have the opportunity to help support their development and build on their amazing work, while inspiring more people to move more through this Training Series. With structural barriers at an all-time high, this program is especially timely in contributing to young people’s health and wellness.” – Nick Keller, Beyond Sport Founder & President

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Photo: @lovefutbol_us

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